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Industrial Maintenance
Converter steel-making system maintenance
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June 23, 2011 - July 12, Shougang Steel Corporation steel plant to move 2 # converter steel-making system for a period of 20 days of maintenance. SGCG schedule, smooth, safe, quality and quantity of the 2 # converter flue system sliding flue, flue hood skirt sliding cars and replacement, adjustment of the total flue, converter tilting device repair, roof protection cover replacement, oxygen lance, vice gun maintenance, electrical system maintenance and a series of maintenance tasks. After repair, system # 2 BOF hot off the success of the test, the equipment is operating normally, stable production, a move by the steel companies alike.
Shougang steel company, one moved to # 2 BOF steel plant maintenance system implementation of the project, proving once again that SGCG with steelmaking capacity of the system-wide overhaul, the owners of units able to provide quality, efficient service.

Steelmaking flue system overhaul remove the old sliding flue

Steelmaking flue system maintenance hoisting the new sliding

Steelmaking flue system maintenance traverse new car lifting

Steelmaking flue complete system overhaul, the production cross-oven production

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