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Industrial Maintenance
Shouqin company series repair
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In September 26, 2012 -10 month 10 days, which lasted 15 days, SGCG completed 2012 Shouqin company to 2# 4300mm blast furnace and rolling line series consisting mainly of repair.
This repair is the first Qin construction company in 2004 has been the largest, longest, heavy task, difficulty is most a repair, involving the area, with high technical content, complex technology, investment in manpower and materials equipment, SGCG subordinate construction units to cooperate, the quality and quantity of finished iron blast furnace, 2#TRT, high-voltage electrical equipment, steel rolling shear line department, Department of energy 2# blast furnace blower, power station, integrated network and many other important maintenance task, by the owners of praise.

Blast furnace 2.4 meters in diameter gas pipeline replacement glasses valve group

Blast furnace of 2.4 meters in diameter gas pipeline replacement of corrugated compensator

2# blast furnace top gas tight box back loaded

Blast furnace gas ignition device install back

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