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Company Profile
Company Profile
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Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956. The registered capital of the company is 400 million yuan. It is the only construction company of Shougang Group. The company has been awarded Beijing credit enterprise for many years, it is the AAA grade unit of Chinese construction enterprise credit, Beijing municipal patent pilot enterprise, and the group won four Luban prize in recent years.

Shougang Construction Group qualification:

•Metallurgical industry design grade A; a construction industry design B. • Grade A  for architectural decoration engineering design •The general contracting of the smelting works is super First class construction  •The general contracting of municipal public works is first level. •Mechanical and electrical installation project construction general contractor first level •The steel structure engineering specialty is contracted at first level. •The construction decoration and decoration engineering major contract the first class qualification.

Shougang Construction Group Organization Structure

•The group has more than 20 professional branches company, 10 sub-companies, 10 direct units and 4  companies. Comprising construction, maintenance ,real estate, manufacturing, and overseas business . •The group has more than 4000 employees. including 3200 professional and technical personnel 418 high engineers, 458intermediate engineers ; 1390 project managers; Among project managers: 132 first-class contructors,167 secondary contructors , 36 registered cost engineer ;  175 qualified labor force group

Key achievement project

Pangu building,

National stadium

2022 Olympic training center

2022Winter Olympic Games Administration office

•By the end of 2017, the overseas business  has accumulated a total of 5 billion 420 million yuan and achieved a total settlement income of 3 billion 320 million yuan; the overseas projects carried out the footprint of 13 countries in 3 continents of Asia, Africa and South America, and signed a total of 103 contracts to serve 28 owners of domestic and abroad, contributing to the continuous development of the 13 countries include: Asia: Burma, Malaysia, Mongolia, India, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates; Africa :  Zimbabwe, Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia; South America :Brazil, Ecuador.

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