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Fantasy behind the visual feast
The bird''s nest for the APEC summit - SGCG chance branch construction LED net curtain engineering reality
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On the evening of November 10, and accompanied by xi jinping, the party and state leaders attended the APEC summit of world leaders at the national swimming center water cube, watch the bright brilliant fireworks display. With very beautiful flowers bloom, over the colorful fireworks in the bird''s nest national stadium bird''s nest on the west side of angled showed a picture of a 12000 ㎡ LED screen video, through the bird''s nest of steel truss irregular space, from time to time to give green forest, the blue ocean, ansai waist drum, such as design, the robot demonstrates a fantasy visual feast. It creates the world guinness book of world records for the construction of the network of ultra-large LED screen unit, it is SGCG chance branch.

The project is a subsidiary SGCG chance after the capital after the 60th anniversary of National Day gala fireworks net curtain engineering, bear and a difficult but glorious political project. The bird''s nest LED screen project is install the LED light source in the bird''s nest on the column wall outside the huge steel mesh screen. The whole mesh screen attached to the bird''s nest on the facade, an arc surface, high from the ground 57.725 m, the lowest point of 3 m from ground, length of about 230 m arc length. Finally formed in the bird''s nest inside a giant video image through the bird''s nest steel truss form irregular space to demonstrate magical effect. Unlike previous project, the project drawings for nothing, two is to learn from experience and data, the most important thing is absolutely cannot use welding, the main structure of the destruction of the bird''s nest construction methods, such as opening, but also increased the difficulty of the construction plan formulation and implementation. Chance branch since mid-july to undertake the project, with a high degree of political responsibility and mission, in accordance with the "clear mission, to ensure success; solidarity and collaboration, individual; advance preparation, the error" the general requirements, to not I stay, seize every minute of the spirit, in the shortest possible time to form a project headquarters, each department responsibilities, prepare the construction plan and operation plan, and held a pep rally for many times, make the company up and down a speedy "construction safety foolproof, safe construction quality, logistics foolproof, supervision and management of safe" construction goal, each work consciously pressurized, elaborate organization, comprehensive coordination and careful arrangement. Increase the intensity of the details of the efforts to promote, layer upon layer decomposition of tasks to people. Study to modify the construction technical scheme for many times, fully integrate the best of human, material resources organization construction, pay attention to each link of the construction in the process of construction, do a good job in every detail, the quality of the percentages to ensure safe and reliable engineering, after 117 days of unremitting efforts, finally put a high-quality goods project for the APEC summit.

All things are difficult before they are easy, because of the bird''s nest external structure information is lacking, the lack of resources and, time and urgent cases, chance branch organization and technical personnel through photography, measuring, collecting, hand-painted, triangle flowers pattern circle in the shortest time make the west side of the bird''s nest data external appearance irregular steel structure drawings, in order to determine the construction scheme has won the time. Technical staff, after several sleepless nights to discuss research, modify repeatedly, in view of the bird''s nest can''t on the original structural steel truss welding, under the premise of opening, eventually formed with the method of tie belt by bundling, hang rope net column outside the bird''s nest inside and doing moderate tension, to keep its stability and then install steel wire mesh, again on the wire mesh construction scheme of hanging LED light source. But because the network like special curved surface, large size, steel truss construction covering relation with mesh screen grid position, slope, need to adopt a variety of ways to tie, tensioning, connection and fastening operation. By operating point is various, need according to the block of irregular to steel truss, construction difficulty is great. In order to ensure the engineering quality, professional personnel to the national dozens of material suppliers of products for comparison, to the factory inspection, the tension, such as fire prevention special experiment was carried out, and through the north of the area on the west side of the bird''s nest to 10 m high field experiment of 20 m long LED screen to finally determine the selection of construction materials.

The engineering project management and construction personnel will be invested in more than 80 people, into the straight arm overhead working truck, scissors type overhead working truck and 18 sets 100 t crane and other construction machinery. To ensure that the August 10 to approach the construction conditions, on September 15, wire rope net installation, on October 21, finished steel wire mesh is installed, October 24, net curtain debugging condition of time node goals are met. Given the difficulty of construction projects and the pressing time limit for a project, SGCG chance branch set up to the manager for the command field headquarters, overall organization, reasonable arrangement of overall progress of the project, coordinate the relationship between the parties, to ensure that the construction of the production run smoothly. The head of the company each department office also take the initiative to "downgrade" to the project department, to help the project department to finish the work together. Company hr department before the entrance for some construction workers temporarily does not have the work high above the certificate, the first time contact training examination institutions, the aerial work platform operator training, meet every aerial work personnel have the work high above the certification requirements; Equipment department to solve the problem of the bird''s nest project high altitude installation, more than 20 aloft working flat wagon has contacted the domestic and foreign manufacturers for the bird''s nest lease equipment, domestic 6 sets 43 meters high altitude of the highest flat wagon to the bird''s nest project use, again from the manufacturer to lease has just rolled off the production line of 28 meters and 32 meters high altitude flat wagon each one, solved the high altitude installation problem, another car rental four scissors to solve low wire mesh is installed. Aimed at the shortage problem of 43 meter above installation equipment, after much deliberation, finally determined using 4 units of 100 tons of mobile crane hoisting custom 2 meters basket for installation, reached only 300 metres long, 30 meters wide area is put into 18 sets of equipment for all kinds of aerial work requirements. Personnel according to the requirements of the project construction technology, materials for material suppliers, communication with the factory according to the requirements of construction scheme for product customization, at the same time, in construction process, according to a continuous modification plan timely to ensure the supply of material goods, to ensure the project progress as planned. Engineering department has been constantly deepen the detailed construction organization design, in order to meet the construction requirements, and compiled a more viable special construction scheme, and the bird''s nest project measuring unreeling, 15 areas in which each region of the center line for construction personnel accurately and in time, as the bird''s nest project provides a solid technical support, technical personnel through experiment also constantly looking for professional, reliable and applicable, convenient to use the connection of the fixed materials and installation tools. And after a lot of improvement, has developed a cross clamp wire rope, wire rope, tie a fixed fittings, such as bead wire rope construction special spare parts; Security services for the construction during the bird''s nest more large-scale business activities, sporting events, and every day there are tens of thousands of tourists visit the pressure through the fence was laid, warning signs, safety signs, setting value, to ensure the channel of visitors at any time. Daily to carry out the construction safety education, before the disclosure work, timely correcting illegal illegal phenomenon in the process of construction, timely inspect the site construction electricity, machinery, and various safety protection facilities complete, effectively ensure the construction safety in the process of "safe"; Company logistics department to ensure the construction personnel daily meals, commuter correctly, on the basis of satisfying the demand of the scene at any time. Due to the particularity and difficulty of net curtain engineering operation, construction personnel should often work overtime, since mid-july approach to November 10, there is no one who rest in weekends, holidays, but workers without complaint, is hard work. They can participate in this project, proud country do a job, really hard to dry, pay attention to every link, do a good job in every detail, with absolutely safe and reliable to ensure the quality of the project. In the article LED lights installation phase, because the article lamp can''t meet the demand of supply, may cause delays. For this kind of situation, increase the night shift staff''s initiative in the two are connected, article lamp installed at any time, at any time the arrival of the goods under the condition of the guarantee construction safety had worked, ensures that the time limit for a project is not delayed. Is a company with desire, united as one, will be the first time to solve the problem as the working principles, so that the net curtain construction overall carried out orderly.

Due to the particularity of net curtain engineering operation, chance branch technical team in the face of no drawings, no country or industry standard specification can consult, with high sense of responsibility, sense of mission work creatively. Independent research and development, to conquer the difficult question, for the smooth implementation of the project provides strong technical support. Project construction organization design of condensed the chance company technical team''s wisdom and effort. Install the top 57.725 meters, use what means to transport operators operation level, and to guarantee absolute safety. Technical team to discuss the research in a variety of ways, considering the work high above the flat wagon, automobile crane hanging basket, fire up flat wagon, erection of scaffold, installation hanging basket, seat plate work suspension, and other measures, through the field and the research of equipment, repeatedly determined final plan 40 meters installed in the work high above the flat wagon is given priority to, more than 40 meters using mobile crane hanging basket and fire up flat wagon to cooperate. Practice shows that our method is feasible and efficient. Because of the bird''s nest steel structure truss welding, opening operation is not allowed to wire rope in steel truss reliable network connection become a vital link. Technology team in construction of test section of the summary and exploration, design and made a tie with special fittings. Tie belt manufacturer in accordance with our proposed requirements and processing of banding belt, special fittings and binding with the contact position do chamfering processing, implements the flexible connection and rigid connection perfect transition, both to ensure the protection of steel truss, and formed a reliable connection protection. For binding with the changes of fittings, we use mobile crane for the horizontal and vertical tension test, record torque monitor the displacement of numerical and fittings, tilt, install the connector on the outside of steel truss through experiments within the scope of a third, now tie with the biggest force on fittings, fittings is not easy to produce displacement and tilt. Safety and reliability of these tests is to verify the joints, and also to verify its feasibility. According to the design requirements in 20 mm from 3 meters using Φ wire rope as the bar, the technical team and on the basis of special fittings developed screw type fittings, by adjusting the threaded successfully solved the problem of the bar under the elevation is consistent. Because most of the vertical wire rope tied directly on the steel truss, the corners of coating for steel truss and the protection of the wire rope is a need to solve the problem, both to protect and not affect the overall effect, technicians to design the semicircle pipe outside welding ring, the special protect horn of the medial adding rubber mat, special corner cabinet and delicate fully recognized by the design unit. They also has compiled the crane hanging basket special construction scheme, a special construction plan, steel mesh plate work suspension piece of LED light source installation work instruction, quality acceptance standard and so on many technical files, provides the technical support for construction of normal. In the overall equipment personnel conditions, material supply cycle, crossover operation safety and overall construction plan and so on many factors, in order to ensure the mesh screen pattern deformation problem, the technical team through the study of construction area in the middle is divided into north and south two area construction at the same time, this arrangement is in order to avoid a team caused by unexpected walked out in the process of construction project on hold. 2 it is to a work problems can arise in the process of construction through the exchange of construction personnel experience to learn from each other to solve. 3 it is late for the installation and light-emitting diodes leds mesh from middle to both sides of the work for project department to provide different constructive Suggestions. In south to north team, from the south to the middle construction team by north facing the middle construction, will eventually and in regional center line. Along with the progress of the forward continuously, the statistics of the construction area and construction log requires that there is a clear, clear, detailed records, for the technical personnel with CAD drawing, construction area on the west side are divided in detail, on the basis of the block of steel truss, the area is divided into 15 large area, from north to south is 1-15 area, each large area of the center line of the independent, this way of dividing also late for mesh and provides a reference point article LED lights installed. In every large area and on the basis of the bird''s nest shape steel truss are divided into different small area, make the schedule to day directly into the small area for the unit, the progress of the statistics is more simple and clear, not only for acceptance after the area, also for wire mesh and the installation of the LED lights to solve some technical problems. The whole LED screen after the installation of debugging, the rehearsal process, technical personnel also created the security scheme, the possible emergency item by item, arrangement of emergency plan, and making the scene debugging personnel job location map, enable debug monitor responsibility to the people who work, construction personnel position clear. In APEC organising committee organized three times rehearsal, chance branch on the mesh screen operation project to determine time, constant progress, request strictly, each work link explicit, scheme, measures, responsible person, carrying out the work in strict accordance with the implementation plan. All the obstacles encountered in the promotion of project of clearing at the same time, to ensure the overall net curtain drill operation.

SGCG branch chance in to ensure that the net curtain projects become "show shougang brand, elaborate works" goal, at the same time on the construction site in accordance with the "garden" project target, divided into several area, implements the quotation system, project inspection regularly, found the problem corrected immediately, in the process of construction, as a result of aerial work platform, 100 t automobile crane pressure is too great, to prevent the bird''s nest on the ground structure damage, the construction of all the work high above the flat wagon laid under the bamboo veneer to prevent crush rocks on the ground, all crane and truck leg below laid special subgrade plate, make the stress area reached the requirements of less than 2 t per square meter, bearing structure to prevent the destruction of the bird''s nest in the basement. Also make the civilized construction measures, the environmental protection measures, to fine detail such as the prevention and emergency treatment of sudden oil, all construction personnel constantly to obey the rules, make the construction site environment clean as before, in front of the national people''s fully shows the image of shougang.

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