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General Manager Wu Kuojun Receives Guests from China Railway Sixth Bureau Overseas Company
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On June 6th, 2018, Wu Kuojun, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Shougang Construction Group, received the visiting assistant general manager of the overseas company of the China Railway No. 6 Bureau and the head of the marketing department Zhang Qiang, the deputy minister of the materials department Meng Qiuxuan, and deputy manager of Beijing Railway building construction project He Chong. Group deputy general manager Su Baozhen and chief engineer Xie Mucai attended the reception. 

The exchanges between the two parties are conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Wu Kuojun briefed the guests on Shougang Construction Group''''s exploration and achievements in building comprehensive service capabilities in cities in recent years. He also communicated with the leaders of China Railway Sixth Bureau regarding the cooperation of overseas projects such as the reconstruction of schools in the Republic of Ghana and the bulk purchase of fabricated houses. In-depth exchanges were held on issues such as technical cooperation, and preliminary discussions were held on the cooperation and win-win cooperation model with the help of China Railway Group Six overseas company market platform to transfer Shougang Construction Group''''s fabricated housing technology overseas. Cheng Tiemeng, an overseas business manager, reported on the preliminary preparations for the cooperation project between Shougang Construction Group and China Railway. 

After the brief business meeting was over, Su Baozhen and Xie Mucai and other leaders and visitors to investigate the site of the steel structure residential project of Shougang casting village and visited the Shougang housing Industrialization demonstration base. Ding Lixia, director of the group''''s market development department, Qi Weizhong, manager of the prefabrication division, and Guo Zhonghua, project manager of the steel structure company, attended the reception. 

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