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Company News
"Blessing the motherland" theme flower bed removed. 2018-11-05
Shougang Metallurgical Construction and Iron Army is well-known in Africa 2018-11-12
win the Sri Lanka project bid which is about 75M $ 2018-10-19
Shougang Construction Group International Corporation won 1st place in Kazakhsta... 2018-10-10
Shougang Construction Group successfully signed a Majaz2 commercial and resident... 2018-08-01
Shougang Construction Group and China-ASEAN Economic and Cultural Association Si... 2018-06-11
General Manager Wu Kuojun Receives Guests from China Railway Sixth Bureau Overse... 2018-06-11
The leaders of SGCG received Katar guests 2018-03-16
Kazakhstan TKU highway reconstruction project was officially signed. 2017-10-10
The first lifting ceremony of the project of the Africa aluminum alloy profile f... 2017-07-15
A praise letter of UAE Seaface Building Project 2016-12-29
Benguela 2000 set building engineering was accepted by the owner 2016-05-27
Construction of municipal roads in Lobito Area A was successful 2015-10-16
Angola''''s agricultural projects of SGCG made new achievements 2015-06-10
Fantasy behind the visual feast 2014-11-13
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